Upcoming Oreos Is The Break From Reality We All Need

The endearing thing about Oreos is that, even though they are perfect in their natural state, Nabisco keeps trying to make them even more perfect by experimenting with new flavors (and sometimes making us guess what they are). Some are better than others, but that's the risk you run when you make experimentation part of your brand. Anyway, the original, perfect Oreo is always available, so the experiments never hurt anybody.

Now the Twitter feed Upcoming Oreos pays tribute to that spirit of experimentation by presenting a cavalcade of exciting new flavors from the "Nabrisco" company. Or maybe it's "Narbisco." Whatever. Whoever's behind this thing has some serious Photoshop skills and a twisted but also incredibly accurate imagination. Who can deny that Pool Water is such a distinctive flavor, you'd know it anywhere, even sandwiched between two chocolate wafers?

The feed is full of similar gems, like Library Book Smell and Tupperware That You Microwaved Spaghetti In. It has been in existence since the beginning of October, which means that we at The Takeout have been deeply remiss in our duties of reminding you all of important food news, and for this, we apologize. Take the time to scroll through slowly and savor it, the way you unscrew an Oreo and lick out the cream in the middle before finishing off the wafers. In an especially tense week in an exceptionally tense year, this is the break from reality we all need.