University Of Georgia Will Sell Alcohol At Football Games, Starting At $25K

This will work out well if the Monopoly man turns out to be a Bulldogs fan. The University Of Georgia, like other colleges and universities, recently revised its no-booze-sales-at-football-games policy and will begin offering beer and wine at its stadium. But there's a catch, and it's a $25,000 catch.


As Sports Illustrated reports, the only fans who will have access to the beer and wine vendors are those seated in the special section for Magill Society members. Membership in the Magill Society requires a person donate at least $25,000 to the university's athletics programs over the course of five years. That's $5,000 a year for the privilege of purchasing beer and wine at football games—and presumably supporting your favorite college team's athletics, or something.

"It's available to a certain level of donors, but it's not accessible to fans in general seating areas. We're permitted to do it under the current rules as it stands now. We're just doing it as a benefit to our donors," UGA Athletics director Greg McGarity told UGA sports site Dawg Nation. This represents the first time in its history Sanford Stadium will sell alcohol.


Accusations of classism are easy to make here, but the "perk" for donors has another knock against it: The beer and wine sales will take place in an area of the stadium that doesn't offer a view of the actual game. Again, per Dawg Nation: "The Magill members must consume the alcohol in the designated area and cannot carry it back to their seats. They'll be unable to view the game from serving area."

Ha, jokes on you, Scrooge McDuck. Enjoy that overpriced stadium beer and view of the concrete pilings. The plebes might not have beer, but they can at least watch the football game.