Conagra Introduces The Ultimate Burger, Depleting Well Of Names For Plant-Based Meat

First came the Beyond Burger. Then came the Impossible Burger. And then the Awesome Burger. Now Conagra has decided it's time to get into the plant-based burger game with the Ultimate Burger. Friends, it looks like the pool of names for plant-based meat, which was never very deep to begin with, is running dry.

Anyway, Gardein, which has been owned by Conagra since 2018, will release the Ultimate Burger in January. A six-pack of burgers will retail for $11.99, Yahoo! Finance reports, which is a pretty good deal compared to the Beyond burgers, which go for $5.99 for two. The Ultimate patties will be made from soy and pea protein, assorted spices, and canola oil, just like Gardein's existing beefless beef products (including a meatless meatball, beefless slider, and beefless tips), but it's a burger, which makes all the difference. Gardein will also introduce sausage and hot dogs under the Ultimate label.