U.K. Van Driver Fined For The Sheer Amount Of Crap In His Vehicle

Some people don't clean out their cars enough. In fact, as I write that, I can practically smell the strange, stale aroma that tends to waft from the average mid-size vehicle when a passenger door to the sight of a footwell covered in fast food bags, discarded coffee cups, and god only knows what else.

However, there's a point where the sloppy upkeep of a vehicle transitions from a weird personal quirk to a potential hazard for the driver and others. BBC News reports of a truck driver in Buckinghamshire, who was pulled over for an unrelated infraction, only for police to discover a van so full of trash that it was considered a safety risk. Here's what the front of the vehicle looked like at the time of the traffic stop (click to open the tweet to reveal the full spread):

The driver was fined an undisclosed amount, in addition to receiving points on his license, as the result of the ticket. And considering the density of the trash on hand, yeah, it's hard to disagree. Imagine trying to slam on your brakes, only to be thwarted by the box of a Filet-O-Fish from last August.

Between the health risks and the growing importance of properly throwing out your junk, The Takeout implores you to clean out your cars, vans, trucks, and whatever else you drive. Deep down, you know you don't like driving around in it either.