Man Becomes Meme When All He Wants To Do Is Eat Kebab

Last week in Portsmouth, U.K., Chris Hill did exactly what millions of other Brits do on an average Friday night: he dropped by the pub for a little bit, then decided to wash down the evening's pints with a quick bite from the local kebab shop. Hill lucked out, though, because for the price of his meal he was treated to dinner and a show:

The excitement began when an unidentified gentleman began verbally abusing a worker, who responded by chucking a pair of tongs at him. Four men then rushed out from behind the counter, armed with nothing but their fists and a broken Styrofoam container, hungry for vengeance. As for Chris Hill, all he was hungry for was kebab.

"I thought about moving at one point but I was enjoying my kebab and chips," he told MailOnline. But move he didn't. Hill just kept on eating his food, listening to Capital Radio (self-proclaimed "the U.K.'s No. 1 Hit Music Station") on his headphones, and enjoying the fight from his ringside seat.

Video of the incident quickly went viral and then stills got turned into memes because in these crazy times we live in, we are all, in some way, Chris Hill just trying to eat a damn kebab in peace.