Tyson Introduces Air-Fried Chicken, Sans Air Fryer

According to the 24-hour infomercial channel that is constantly playing at my gym, buying an air fryer will change my life. While I enjoy spending my minutes on the treadmill thinking about French fries, onion rings, and fried chicken, I sadly do not have a single inch of counter space left for yet another futuristic cooking appliance. For those of you in my boat, Tyson chicken has introduced a product to cure both fried chicken cravings and air fryer FOMO.


According to a press release, Tyson's new Air Fried Chicken features "perfectly crispy, simply seasoned, golden breading and juicy all-white meat chicken with no antibiotics ever," and has 75% less fat than standard fried chicken. The frozen chicken can, of course, be heated in an air fryer, but the appliance is not required—since the chicken is already fully cooked, all you need to do is warm it in an oven.

Tyson's air fried chicken is available in chicken breast fillets, for sandwiches, chicken breast strips, for salads, and chicken nuggets, for tossing in your mouth like popcorn when you get back from the gym. Hey, it's protein.