Two Bands Played A Gig At Wendy's

If this turns out to be some piece of devious viral marketing, it will break our hearts. We at The Takeout are currently bewitched, bothered, and bewildered by the rock-and-roll magic that took place inside a Wendy's in Knoxville, Tennessee on Tuesday night, when two touring bands found themselves playing an impromptu show inside the surprisingly roomy confines of The House That Dave Thomas Built. Rock and roll will never fry.

The Knoxville News Sentinel reports that Chicago-based bands Capital Vices (a modern metalcore outfit) and Makena (pop-punk) were driving to Nasvhille for another show on their charmingly-named "Bring Your Dad Tour" when they decided to stop in to use the bathroom and grab some Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers or whatever. As Christian Anderson, the photographer for the bands, told the News Sentinel, "We were just joking around. We were like, 'There's a lot of space in the Wendy's, and it would be crazy if we did a show here.'"

So one of the guitarists jokingly asked the manager if that was cool. Here's what happened next, per the News Sentinel:

"And the manager was like, 'Yeah, go for it,'" Anderson said. "We were laughing. She was like, 'My birthday is in two days, so that will be a birthday present for me.'"

So they did. (Heads up, if you're at work: there are swears in these here videos.)

Each of the bands did a 10-minute set. There were customers in the restaurant during Makena's time on the, ah, carpet, but the doors were closed by the time Capital Vices began shredding through "Biting Your Veins."

Per the News Sentinel, the Wendy's in question declined to comment on what is definitely the coolest thing to ever happen in that Wendy's, but Smug Twitter Wendy has weighed in:

Happy birthday, cool as hell Wendy's manager!