Twitter Reacts To "Raw Water" Movement With Open-Minded Consideration Nope Just Kidding

On an incline plane of insufferability, we have: raw food, raw milk, and now, raw water. According to this recent New York Times piece, pricey "raw" or "pure" water is a thing, with Silicon Valley investors and its own water stores charging around $2.50 per gallon.

As The Takeout's own food scientist pointed out, "pure water"—both in the sense of unadulterated from the source, as well as the two parts hydrogen-one part oxygen definition—is a giant marketing ploy. Chemical compounds (a.k.a. minerals a.k.a. electrolytes) not only taste good but keep us healthy, too.

Really, the Times piece is merely the type of story that acts as a hunk of meat suspended from a hook above the shark tank of the internet. Was there any chance that Twitter wouldn't mock this guy? Even though the piece has an earnest tone, there's no way social media could resist the blood in the (raw) water. Have at it, Twitter:

At least one sympathetic soul has decided to leave these raw water activists be, however.