Twitter Lied: Dunkaroos Are Not Coming Back

Only children of the '90s could feel intense nostalgia for a cartoon kangaroo slinging dry-ass cookies packaged alongside a vat of teeth-rotting frosting. I am one of those children, and I loved Dunkaroos. They weren't packed in my lunch box often, but when they were—oh man—it was a red-letter day. So imagine my heartbreak when a Tweet from Betty Crocker saying the company would bring back Dunkaroos (discontinued in the U.S. in 2012) turned out to be fake.

The Tweet in question was a response to a query from Twitter user @_LukeKelly, who asked how many retweets it would take to bring Dunkaroos back to American shelves. This echoes social media campaigns like Heinz's Mayochup stunt, in which the company promised to introduce the hybrid mayo-ketchup hybrid if its message racked up enough retweets. But unlike the Mayochup campaign, the Dunkaroos response from Betty Crocker wasn't real, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reports.

A General Mills spokesman, on behalf of Betty Crocker, says the response was Photoshopped, and the company has no plans to bring back Dunkaroos. (I know I could just recreate them with some other cookie and a package of cake frosting, but it's not the same, guys.)

"We love hearing from consumers and we hear from them all the time whenever we discontinue a product because we know someone will miss our products," said a General Mills spokesman.

Kind words, but your sympathy means nothing to me, spokesman, until it's coupled with a reintroduction of Dunkaroos.