Trump's Chicago Hotel Fails To Mention Trump Name To Potential Restaurant Tenants

The real estate firm tasked with finding a new restaurant tenant for Trump's Chicago hotel is subtly leaving one major detail out of its marketing materials: the word Trump. Crain's Chicago Business reports the firm, RKF, has been circulating marketing materials that not only omit the Trump name, but show a photo of the building that doesn't include the giant T-R-U-M-P letters.

Whether this is an accidental oversight or not—though really, not mentioning the name of the building would have to be a pretty intentional move—it's in line with efforts all over the country to downplay or outright remove the Trump name from certain buildings. The Trump name wasn't added to the Chicago hotel until 2014, so it's possible the photo was taken before then, or that it was Photoshopped to remove the letters.

It's not just the photo that's missing a key name. Grub Street reports the only time the word Trump is mentioned in the materials is on the penultimate page, as part of a map that shows other landmarks and attractions in the area. Look, it can't be easy to secure enough restaurant tenants to fill a whopping 66,000 square feet of space, so RKF probably has to make the building seem as politically neutral as possible. Good luck with that once the tenants see the gigantic letters smacked on its facade.