Truly Opening Hard Seltzer Taproom In Los Angeles

What says "City of Angels" like an 8,000-square-foot facility devoted to low-calorie booze?

We're never not thinking about hard seltzer. It occupies our every waking thought and haunts our dreams. How could it not, with so many nearly identical spiked seltzer options on the market? Now, we can ponder the nature of hard seltzer in a group setting, thanks to Truly Hard Seltzer's forthcoming brick-and-mortar location, Truly LA.

According to a press release sent to The Takeout, the "fully immersive seltzer taproom" will open in downtown Los Angeles, offering "innovative flavors that push traditional seltzer boundaries, as well as an exciting menu of light bites." The 8,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor taproom will keep 12 seltzers on tap and will also feature "creative Truly cocktails." That's fine; we're just hoping the taproom will stock a steady supply of pineapple seltzer. It really is the most reliably good seltzer flavor.

Finally, the taproom will reportedly feature local artist-commissioned murals, as well as entertainment "spotlighting up-and-coming local talent." The latter will come in the form of a "Truly Inspired" concert and comedy series, which will be livestreamed directly from the taproom. This emphasis on art and innovation makes sense; after all, nothing sparks my creativity like shotgunning three seltzers back to back.

So, when's the Truly taproom coming to town? Per the release, Truly LA broke ground in August of this year and is slated to open in early 2022. Well, wanna go? As my colleague Dennis Lee pointed out, you could, hypothetically, take advantage of the on-tap options and request a mixture of all 12 flavors in a single glass. (It may taste like nothing, but you could do it.)

As it stands, the taproom's location is pretty far from The Takeout's Chicago headquarters. But it's worth considering: Could the dawn of the seltzer taproom mark a new trend in physical drinking spaces? Seltzer-heads, sound off.