Truck Driver Flies Too Close To Sun, Gets Wedged In Fast Food Drive-Thru Lane

The story of Icarus rings true for anyone who has edged toward greatness only to suffer a humiliating fall. One truck driver recently felt the burn as he flexed his waxen wings and accidentally crammed his whole semi into a fast food drive-thru lane.


CDL Life, an online trucking publication, shared a video documenting the driver's struggles as he tried to maneuver through the drive-thru. The footage was caught on surveillance video uploaded by YouTube user Remote Ally, who writes:

"For your viewing pleasure! Enjoy watching this semi-truck who got into a sticky situation in a McDonalds Drive Thru. Rather than back out, he just ran everything over in his way... a tree, a fence, the curbs, a 600lb boulder and almost a car or two. WOW!"

The video is a master class in suspense, as we see the truck creeping around the bend like a vehicular leviathan about to crush the sedans in its path. Things really start to pick up around the 0:52 mark, when the driver realizes he's made a horrible, horrible mistake and tries to scoot around an apprehensive motorist. Then, the two drivers begin their dance, a graceful ritual during which the trucker scooches up a bit and the car owner scooches back. The ritual concludes as the trucker absolutely shreds a curb and decorative bush, peeling out of the drive-thru without so much as a burger in hand.


Thank you, CDL Life, for bringing this to our attention. Actually, the website's kind of a treasure trove of highway drama if that's your thing. Consider, for example, this disastrous highway mattress incident (no one was seriously injured) or news about a trucker-themed bar.

This particular video might be a primo example of big rig mismanagement, but if you ask me, it's more than that. This, friends, is a testament to the undeniable power of fast food.