Trix May Be For Kids, But Trix Yogurt Is Forever

If you're old enough to remember having Trix Yogurt in your lunchbox, you're also old enough by now to know that Trix Yogurt is basically dessert. But with that out of the way, we've got great news to share: Trix Yogurt is coming back! Now, I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty sure that if you pair it with an extra-large kale-banana superfood smoothie and a big bowl of fiber-rich oatmeal, Trix Yogurt can be part of a healthy breakfast. After all, you need calcium to keep your bone density in tip top shape, right?

Trix Yogurt hasn't been seen on store shelves since 2016, which on paper is a mere five years ago, but in our current state of reality has felt more like seven decades. The yogurt will be sold exclusively at Walmart and SuperValu stores beginning in early May, and will be available in two flavors: strawberry and berry. (The latter of which, I'm assuming, is made from all the less popular berries that can only dream of achieving strawberry levels of stardom.) Both yogurts will be flavored artificially, so don't expect to see any hint of real berries floating around in it—but of course, that's not what anyone comes to Trix Yogurt for, anyway. There's nothing wrong with reliving your carefree childhood days with electric-colored yogurt, as long as you remember that there's a good reason why Trix are for kids.