Even More Pasta Is Coming To Trader Joe's

The retail giant is adding more unique styles to its noodle catalog.

Some of us are still reeling from the great bucatini shortage of 2020, worried about falling in love with a new pasta just to have it all taken away again. How are we to learn to trust when our bucatini recipes are collecting dust in the pantry? Well, Trader Joe's has swooped in with a tender touch to tell us, "Shhhh, it's all going to be OK, we've got you."


It was revealed this week on the Trader Joe's Inside podcast (yes, even grocery stores have podcasts these days) that, along with maintaining the brand's 20-30 existing pasta varieties, four brand new noodles will soon be hitting the shelves. While the grocer is known for experimenting with unique noodle ingredients—its top-selling pasta is made from hearts of palm—the upcoming offerings will be dough-based, but still with some twists.

Proving that more is more, Trader Joe's will introduce its sixth spaghetti varietal, the tri-color spaghetti, as the company continues to put a focus on expanding its long-noodle options. They also are interested in introducing more unique and fun shapes into the pasta-lover's repertoire, with fusilli corti bucati, a tight, spring-like noodle, and cascatelli, the pasta shape created by Sporkful host Dan Pashman that resembles a tiny cascading waterfall. And of course, Trader Joe's will be bringing in its very own brand of bucatini to keep us at ease—and provide straws in a pinch.


The rest of the podcast episode, titled "Trader Joe's Noodles Around the World with Pasta and Olives," provides more valuable insight about the grocer's current pasta and pasta accoutrements, including recipe suggestions plus interviews with an olive oil producer in California and an Italian pasta supplier simply identified as "Piero." Whether that name will pop up again on the packaging for these new noodles, only time will tell.