Which Super Bowl Dip Recipe Is Your State Searching For?

Vermont, can you let us know what's in your hoagie dip?

The big game is right around the corner! While there are some athletes out there who have been physically training for this their entire lives, the rest of us have been doing a different kind of preparation. For the snack lovers among us, the Super Bowl is not just a football showdown, but the description of the giant receptacle full of dip that we've been looking forward to since last February. And to ensure we don't screw it up on the most important day of the year, there's only one thing to do in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. To Google! (Or The Takeout. We have lots of dip recipes.)

So which dips are topping the early 2022 charts? According to Google Trends, Buffalo chicken dip is the top searched game day dip in 18 states, 19 if you include South Dakota's quest for simply "Buffalo dip." Folks in those states might be interested in this recipe using rotisserie chicken to make things as easy as possible. Variations on cheese/queso dip come in second (we've got a great recipe for beer cheese dip here), though strangely not in Wisconsin, where supposed "Cheeseheads" are looking for taco dip. At Takeout HQ in Illinois, jalapeño popper dip takes top prize.

While all the hits make it somewhere on the map—7-layer dip in Alaska, Hawaii, and Massachusetts; artichoke dip in Louisiana; bean dip in Georgia and Arkansas—there are a few new-to-me highlights that leave me wanting to know more. What, for example, would one put in a Vermont-style hoagie dip? Maybe our resident Missourian, Lillian Stone, can shed light on the main feature of her home state's green dip. And is the beer dip searched most by Nevadans as simple as it sounds?

If you're looking for something not on this map, we've got you covered with game day dips of all kinds, including this Cincinnati-inspired dessert dip for cheering on the Bengals. What's your go-to Super Bowl dip? Is your state properly represented by this map? Sound off in the comments!