Top Chef's Beverly Kim Helps You Master Thanksgiving Gravy

Beverly Kim's Parachute has shot up the list of must-visit restaurants in Chicago. Having achieved some recognition during the Texas season of Top Chef, Kim—with her co-chef/owner husband John Clark—has taken Korean influences and applied French techniques to her cooking. So it's no surprise to see an ingredient as elemental at Parachute as soy sauce used in her Thanksgiving turkey gravy recipe.

Beverly Kim’s Thanksgiving gravy

3 Tbsp. turkey drippings2 Tbsp. flour2 cups chicken or turkey stock1 Tbsp. soy sauceSalt and pepperButter (for basting the turkey)

While the turkey is still roasting in the oven, liberally baste the bird with melted butter and juices. When the turkey is close to being done, take the drippings—three tablespoons worth—and add to a medium-low heat pan. Add in two tablespoons of flour and start whisking. You'll want to keep whisking, for about five minutes, to cook out the taste of raw flour as well as to make the roux a deep golden brown.


Now take two cups of chicken or turkey stock, and very slowly add to the roux. Keep whisking! Turn the heat up to medium-high, and once it boils, bring it back down to a medium-low and simmer for five more minutes. Add a tablespoon of soy sauce, and then salt and pepper to taste, and simmer for another minute.