Turns Out People Feel Really Strongly About Where Their Coffee Comes From

Yes, yes, I've gone back and forth on my caffeine thing. But now that I've re-embraced my beloved morning beverage with full force, I wonder why I ever left it (oh yeah, the headaches). Coffee gives me something to look forward to in the morning, a special treat on the way in to work that has the added bonus of making my brain make words good (hopefully). And, according to a new survey reported on by The Motley Fool, like most people, I feel really strongly about where that coffee comes from.

According to MF, the same three quick-service restaurant chains that topped last year's Foursquare Loyalty Index also topped this year's: "Despite increased competition from sit-down restaurants offering mobile ordering and delivery, a number of top quick-service restaurant chains continue to have a loyal following." But out of the top 10, five—including the top three—are places where people likely get their coffee in the morning: A Starbucks Pike Place, a Dunkin' (Donuts) brew in a styrofoam cup, and a McCafe, respectively. Since the Loyalty Index is partly based on frequency of visits, this makes total sense to me. I might go to a Taco Bell once or twice a year; I go to Starbucks at least once or twice a week.

Like this morning, say: The determined creakiness of the Chicago Transit Authority meant that I showed up to my daily 9 a.m. meeting at 9:05. This left me no time for my Starbucks run, which put me in a considerable panic. Could I possibly make do with inferior office coffee, thereby sending my brainwaves out at a lesser level all day? Or would I actually leave the building to go give Starbucks my usual three dollars and hope that my usually buzzy caffeine jolt would carry me through the workday?

Naturally, I left the building. As with so many other coffee drinkers, my loyalty index is strong. Foursquare backs me up on this, stating "breakfast and coffee chains are particularly strong in terms of driving visit frequency. In fact, consumers visit Starbucks 16.4 times per year, and Dunkin' Donuts on average 8 times, respectively" (putting me on the extreme high end of that scale) whereas "Non-breakfast chains see customers return only two to six times each year." Caffeine is a hell of a drug, and, as it turns out, a very personal one.