Is It Ever Too Cold To Eat Ice Cream?

Do you abandon your frozen treats during the chilly months?

Social media platforms are scary and evil, but dang it, they're good at selling me stuff. Specifically, seasonal ice cream. My Instagram feed is currently full of ads for frozen treats, probably because my Google searches are mostly for "ice cream nearest me" and "will I rot from the inside out if I eat ice cream for every meal." That's why, this morning, I stumbled upon a post advertising the fall flavor pack from my beloved Jeni's. "Hell yeah," I whispered to my beagle. "Pumpkin roll ice cream." He ignored me and licked his butt.

Soon after, I shared the autumnal ice cream news with my Takeout coworkers and was shocked to find that Marnie Shure, our fearless editor in chief, doesn't typically opt for frozen desserts in the chillier months. "I forget about ice cream from Sept.-May," she told me over Slack. What? What? How could you forget about ice cream after all it's done for us? Especially during pumpkin, egg nog, gingerbread, peppermint, and buñuelo season? There are so many seasonal flavors that lend themselves perfectly to ice cream! And sure, it can ostensibly lower your body temperature, but that's what coats are for.

My fellow staff writer Dennis Lee assured me that he prefers cold food most of the time, so he's still down to clown with an ice cream cone mid-winter. But now I'm curious about your fall and winter dessert preferences, readers. Is it ever too cold to eat ice cream? Do you opt for warming desserts in the winter, or do you just bundle up, throw some hot fudge onto your sundae, and call it good like I do? Finally, is it ever reasonable to move to a warmer climate solely to maximize your year-round ice cream enjoyment? We have so much to discuss.