Last Call: Tony Hawk Can't Get Any Respect At The Drive-Thru

For a summer or two in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Tony Hawk was probably the biggest name in the Bernot household. My brother and I relentlessly played Pro Skater in our basement, until my dreams were all laced with its Sublime-heavy soundtrack. We knew the complicated names for the spin and kick-flip moves, and couldn't wait for Hawk to finally land a full 900. My brother and his band of ruffians unwisely attempted to recreate them on home-built ramps in suburban driveways.

Well, these days Tony Hawk constantly encounters people who have no idea who he is. Man, fame is fleeting isn't it? He documents these interactions on Twitter, which reassures me that he's as chill and self-effacing as I'd hope.

Anyway, here's Tony Hawk scrambling my middle-school brain in 1999: