Tom Brady Hates Strawberries Because He Used To Smell Them A Lot

Patroits quarterback and reigning Super Bowl loser Tom Brady recently made an appearance on the NPR quiz show Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me in which host Peter Sagal asked him about his well-known aversion to strawberries. Finally, Brady was given the chance to explain the deep-seated trauma that results in his avoidance of one of nature's tastiest fruits.

"That was the problem. I grew up in California, and I had an aunt that lived in central California and when she'd drive up to see us, she'd stop at the fruit stands on the side of the road and she'd get these big trays of strawberries. And she'd bring them up to our house, put them into our refrigerator, and every time the refrigerator door was open, the smell of strawberries would permeate the room," Brady told Sagal. "Since then, the thought of a strawberry is terrible for me."

To recap: Tom Brady doesn't eat strawberries because he smelled them as a kid and now they're gross. Got it.