"Toilets Of Boston" Instagram Account Reviews Pee Receptacles In City's Restaurants

We all have our preferences when it comes to restaurant bathrooms. Me, I like the option to choose between those supersonic hand-dryers and standard paper towels. I like a full-length mirror so I can check whether I've sat on my food (this happens more often than one would expect). Nice-scented soap is a bonus. Imagine being armed with all this info—and more!—before choosing a restaurant! That's the premise of our new favorite Instagram account, @toiletsofboston.

The Boston Globe brought this gem to our attention, and our lives are so much richer for it. The toilets up for review are mostly in restaurants, breweries, and bars, and while they're typically mundane in their white-porcelain-bowl homogeneity, some outliers emerge: Tuscan Kitchen has its own individual bathrooms (privacy is always a plus). Ruth's Chris Steakhouse's powder rooms are well-stocked with extra t.p., but apparently smell less than ideal. Roxy's Grilled Cheese painted its loos with a paint color that resembles melted cheese.

Now that's useful info. If you're toting around small kids, it might help to know which restaurant bathrooms have changing tables; or if you require one of those metallic bars in your stall, that's good info to know as well.

I'd love to see more cities with bathroom-reviewing Instagram accounts. (Editor's note: It has come to my attention that @mkebathrooms exists.) In the years I lived in Chicago, I encountered restrooms both delightful and disarming in my restaurant excursions. One restaurant, Ruxbin, used a repurposed photo-lab darkroom door as its bathroom door, which on a few occasions trapped me inside while I figured out which way to spin the thing. But the best bathrooms I ever encountered were at the fine-dining restaurant Grace, where a not-insignificant detail of my splurge dinner there was a trip to the individual bathrooms, each of which was decorated to represent a different season. I chose winter, and spent probably too long exploring the glittering snow-and-birch details on the walls and sink. It made me want to go back three more times for fall, spring, and summer.

So give @toiletsofboston a follow, and if you start @toiletsofchicago or @toiletsofmissoula, please give us the heads up.