Today In Cheese News: Sweet Cheese Tea, Chipotle Fixes Its Garbage Queso, And More

In times like these, it's the little things that bring us joy. A slice of pizza after reading 47 stories about sexual harassment, a hunk of Brie as you read about our infantile president trying to take land away from the Native Americans.

When life gives you lemons, eat cheese.

Here's what's happening on the cheese front today.

Cheese Tea is a thing and it might be less gross than it sounds

In Los Angeles, a place called Little Fluffy Head Cafe is serving up a beverage that's been popular in Asia for the past few years. Owner Jenny Zheng says she was on her way to getting a Master's Degree in bioengineering when she traveled to Asia and tried cheese tea, which has been popular with millennials in China, Malaysia and Taiwan.


No, it is not chunks of blue cheese floating in your Earl Grey. Instead, it's a creamy, sweet cheese paired with iced herbal teas, including some boba tea options. Some examples from the menu: "Iced matcha latte with creme brûlée cream swirled around the cup and mixed inside the latte" and "Black milk tea with creme brûlée cream and crushed Oreo topping."

Yes, please. Here's Zheng explaining the process:

A too-small amount of cheese is good for your heart

We know cheese isn't going to make us thinner, but it makes us happy and that's what really matters. Also: a small amount of the creamy deliciousness is actually good for us.

Grub Street, citing a new paper in the European Journal of Nutrition, reports that 40 grams of cheese per day (which is unfortunately the size of a matchbox) could reduce your risk of heart disease or stroke.


There is, sadly, another caveat:

"This new study was based on data about participants' diets, not what made them eat what they did, so the reason could be that the cheese-eaters were richer (which typically equals better health outcomes), or even that they were vegetarian, so avoided meats that are recognized as less than ideal for your health anyway."

Whatever, I'm making grilled cheese for lunch.

Chipotle says its new queso is not terrible

Business Insider reports that Chipotle has "tweaked" its queso recipe to make it taste less like "dumpster juice" and more like actual, edible cheese.

Reporters at BI tested the new recipe, and gave it a decent review: "Even after it had been sitting out, it retained the proper texture of a dip instead of degrading into a sort of bizarre chowder," reporter Kate Taylor writes. "The flavors were slightly different as well — still a little smoky, but more of an even, overall heat."


You can order nachos at Chipotle as part of its secret menu, which you can explore further here.