I'll Concede, Toasted English Muffins Make A Decent Burger Bun

Earlier this month, we engaged in a civil discussion about the merits of various burger buns—potato rolls, pretzel buns, brioche. But commenter Proud Hamerican said we were all misled, because the true best burger bun is an English muffin. I couldn't very well let that claim stand uninvestigated.

So on a recent burger night, I grill-toasted some English muffins alongside the standard buns. On went the cheeseburger, on went the caramelized onions, on went the condiments. I took a big bite. My verdict: Hey, pretty good!

The toasted English muffin's nooks and crannies trap and capture the condiments and sauces without getting soggy. The muffin's thickness is also a point in its favor; it's not so substantial that it overwhelms the beef itself. Its flat surfaces, dusted with those farina particles, are easy to hold and didn't make my hands as greasy as a brioche bun. A sourdough muffin could contribute a pleasing, slightly citric tang.

An English-muffin burger is a bridge between standard burgers and patty melts, and I heartily endorse it. Thanks again, Hamerican.