Everyone Has A Pop-Up Now, So Why Not IHOP And That Tiny House TV Show?

IHOP tried the patience of the Twittersphere last year with its ongoing identity crisis. First it changed its name to IHOB. Then it decided to be IHOP again, only the "p" would no longer stand for pancakes. It was like a college freshman experimenting with names and haircolor and political philosophies, and after a while, everyone was like, get your shit together, IHOP, or at least shut up about your issues.

But IHOP's thirst for attention has not abated. Now it's teamed up with Tiny House Nation on A&E for a tiny house pop-up, because everyone is doing pop-ups! The Tiny IHOP is just 170 square feet; it can seat six, with room for food prep and, naturally, a pancake griddle. And also a syrup caddy, because that is one thing that makes the IHOP experience complete. It will be open in L.A. in December for just four nights, for three seatings each night, and will serve, according to the press release, "a one-of-a-kind menu inspired by popular IHOP dishes." (What, no brunch, IHOP? What the hell?) Reservations will be first come, first served, for two people at a time, and available only to members of MyHOP, IHOP's loyalty program.

What, you are not a member of MyHOP and you do not live in LA? Fear not! You have till Sunday to join MyHOP, and then starting on October 24, you can enter a sweepstakes for a free trip to LA and a dinner reservation.

Oh, IHOP, you attention whore! We can't quit you, even though we can have the tiny-house experience eating pancakes in our own very small kitchens.