TIL What Jackie O. Always Ordered For Lunch, Besides Gin

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had an impossibly, and predictably, chic go-to lunch order. Whenever she'd stroll into the Carlyle Restaurant on 76th in Manhattan—the late, former First Lady was practically a neighbor—she'd sit down and order the same thing: a Cobb Salad, a gin and tonic, accompanied by a cigarette. (Smoking is bad.) Jackie O's presence in the Carlyle was so frequent that it became her usual, the way that the coffee shop down the street knows I like two creams and one sugar.

The source

The upcoming documentary Always At The Carlyle, by way of Guest of a Guest. The piece in which I found this fascinating little mental picture also makes note of the fact that John F. Kennedy, Jr. would often roll in for lunch as well—quite literally roll, on roller skates.


Always At The Carlyle "brings to life the untold stories of this legendary hotel as heard from the mouths of its own employees and top clientele, including George Clooney, Anjelica Huston, Tommy Lee Jones, Vera Wang, Anthony Bourdain, Roger Federer, Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola, Jon Hamm, Lenny Kravitz, Naomi Campbell and Elaine Stritch," and it sounds pretty darn cool. Matthew Miele's documentary goes into limited release on May 11.