Arby's Bags Leave The Internet Astounded

One of the things that make TikTok so consistently great is that it turns observational humor into a community art installation. When a son noticed his father's resemblance to Ratatouille villain Anton Ego, TikTok treated us all to Dad's full transformation. When an employee at a vet's office noticed the doctor eats oranges like apples, we were able to share in, and amplify, their utter bafflement, looking at citrus fruit in an entirely new way. And now, thanks to user @culinarybb, we have learned something about Arby's that has been hiding in plain sight: its bags are very, very strong.


@arbys why are your bags so strong


Arby's, a chain known for its mile-high meat tower sandwiches doused in cheese and paired with perhaps the densest fries in the fast food kingdom, is wise to take no chances with its conveyance. These Arby's bags feature roughly double the capacity of a standard lunch sack, though maybe that abundance of caution is typical for any restaurant with a drive-thru lane. You've got to minimize the risk of everything spilling out during the crucial hand-off moments as the bag hovers between building and vehicle!

Austin Bennett, the person behind the TikTok video (and who now lists "CEO of Arby's" in his bio) astounded viewers by placing a 20-lb. kettlebell into the Arby's bag and lifting it by the paper with ease. As for the question in the caption of Bennett's video—"why are your bags so strong"—Arby's was quick to respond: "Because WE HAVE THE MEATS❗️❗️" A bold statement, made all the more so by the fact that it's not always easy for fast food chains to have the meats these days. If you would also like to have the meats, head to Arby's and order a Smokehouse Brisket sandwich. And to satisfy our own curiosity while you're at it, order two to three dozen more and try to fit them all in one takeaway bag.