Why Do TikTokers Keep Freezing Food?

In today’s news, frozen Fruit Roll-Ups are apparently delicious.

Hey, question: why do TikTokers keep freezing stuff? Earlier this month, the youths were filling up water bottles with honey, freezing them, taking giant bites of the frozen honey, and suffering extreme gastric consequences, simply because they could, I guess. Now, they're popping something else in the freezer: Fruit Roll-Ups.

Food Network reported on the trend, which involves "unfurling a Fruit Roll Up and then placing it in the freezer for a few hours so it has time to harden." The result is a Fruit Roll-Up that's initially as crunchy as a chip, but melts immediately in your mouth.

TikTokers are filming their experiences and demonstrating the trend's audible crunch. "These are honestly better frozen, try it," croons TikToker @JanelleRohner after taking a big bite. Creator @trinhdoesthings agreed, stacking an impressive 40 Fruit Roll-Ups on top of one another to create the ultimate crunch experience. Finally, TikToker @missbedhead offers a quick fix if you don't have the time for a full freeze: just dip the end of a Fruit Roll-Up in a glass of ice water and swirl it, allowing the end of the snack to freeze.

My question remains: why? Why freeze a perfectly delicious Fruit Roll-Up? Who was the first person to do this, and is the textural aspect really that compelling? The trend kind of reminds me of when I used to combine every soda in the Taco Bell drink dispenser as a kid. I insisted it tasted better; now, I'm not sure if it actually did taste better, or if my delight was just based in the novelty of the thing. Surely no young people are going to permanently alter the way they consume Fruit Roll-Ups. Either way, while I don't necessarily see the appeal, a frozen Fruit Roll-Up is at least harmless. Just don't freeze honey. You'll poop your pants, man.