C'est Magnifique: TikTok Dad Transforms Into Ratatouille Restaurant Critic Anton Ego

I've been trapped inside my house with my adolescent sons for 20 days now, and things are starting to get... strange. Pants became optional by day five. By day ten the "hilarious" practical jokes began, like running into the bathroom while your brother is showering and pelting him with handfuls of spare change. On day 17, the boys invented a game that involves stripping down to your underwear, putting socks on your hands and a pot on your head, and chasing each other around with the goal of punching your opponent in the butt. So, yeah, things are going great over here.

I'm somewhat jealous of Frank and Joe Mele, a father and son who are both funny and charming and have amassed 1.5 million followers on TikTok. While Frank seems to be having the time of his life making stupid videos with his 21-year-old, I'm stuck cleaning pennies out of my bathtub because my kids say TikTok is "cringe" and "for old people." In a recent viral video, Joe points out Frank's resemblance to Anton Ego—the fictional food critic from the 2007 Disney Pixar film Ratatouille—and gives him a makeover to match.



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It's quite heartwarming to see a father and son having so much fun making silly videos. I can't wait until my sons come up with a family bonding activity that will publicly embarrass me as revenge for that time when I told the entire internet about how they used to strip down to their underwear, put socks on their hands and pots on their hands, and punch each other in the butt.