Fierce Chef Demonstrates How To Make The World's Biggest Popsicle

I did not realize until this very moment that what my life was missing was the TikTok user wildfood007. How can you not love a man who prepares obscene amounts of food amid some gorgeous mountain scenery, calling out each ingredient with the cadence of a football coach as he throws it in the pan, cooks it over a bonfire, and then gleefully tears into it with his bare hands? Well, okay, vegetarians and vegans might not like him much, especially the video where he prepares and devours an entire cow's head, but even they have to admire his gusto. (Right?)

Most of wildfood007's oeuvre so far has been meat, though he has been known to prepare yogurt, starting with milking the cow (or yak?) himself, but in honor of the hot weather, here he is making a giant popsicle.


Have a big ice cream 🍦 today ☺️☺️#fyp #food #tiktok

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This video is incomplete, since it doesn't show the freezing of the pop nor the chef tearing into it with his bare hands, but I admire the panache with which he throws his ingredients into the mold, which appears to be the size of a bathtub. (Where do you get such things? Is the chef also a master welder? And does he do his own food prep?) In the age of COVID-19, it may not be such a wise idea to share an enormous popsicle with a bunch of strangers, but sometimes it's nice to dream of a better world, far off in the mountains where a man can shout and throw around enormous slabs of meat and bowls of fruit without censure or fear.