Tic Tac's New Coca-Cola Flavor Reminds Us Tic Tacs Exist [Updated]

Update, January 10, 2019: The Coca-Cola Tic Tac will be launching in the U.S. in late January, Fox News reports. Be prepared...

Original post, October 14, 2019: We'll soon discuss the potential deliciousness of Tic Tac's new, limited edition Coca-Cola flavor, but let's address the obvious question first: Hey, remember Tic Tacs? They never left, of course, but they slipped from The Takeout staff's collective consciousness for a while, supplanted by Altoids and other fancy gums and candies.

Our reminiscing about Tic Tacs, the smallest product with the loudest packaging, reminded us how much we used to enjoy these little treats, especially the orange flavor. None of us really treated them as breath fresheners, though; they functioned more as tiny candies.

So perhaps Coca-Cola is the perfect flavor to remind us why we loved Tic Tacs in the first place: They're nostalgic, if not exactly breath-freshening. There's the crisp sound of those tiny ovals bouncing around in the box, the hard sweetness of their candy shells then yielding to a vaguely minty interior. Coca-Cola is a flavor we'd recognize anywhere, just as the sound of shaking Tic Tacs could be nothing else.