This Week On The Takeout: Hibernation Holiday

Welcome, one and all, as The Takeout celebrates Thanksgiving 2020 style: Hibernation Holiday. Thanksgiving is just over a week away, and we don't want to pretend that it will remotely resemble celebrations from years past. In fact, it really shouldn't. If there's one meaningful gift we can give each other this year, it's a wide berth in the name of public health. Instead of soldiering on like nothing has changed, let's use this time to hunker down and spend our mini-vacation centering ourselves, preparing for the transformative year that lies ahead.

Every day this week, starting Monday, we'll be providing inspiration for next week's altered festivities in the form of stories, hot takes, and, of course, recipes. For the latter, staff writer Allison Robicelli has prepared you a scalable feast, breaking down a standard Thanksgiving turkey into its component parts and using each one to create a different unique entree—trust us, they're all way more interesting than carved poultry heaped on a plate with gravy. We hope that, by presenting these recipes a week early, we give you as much time as possible to update your shopping lists.

We don't presume to know what your plans are this year, but we hope that no matter what your holiday brings, you get to set aside some time to hibernate. We could all use a bit of that.