This Week In Hungry Bears

Every so often, when a bear grows accustomed enough to the presence of nearby humans, it'll be brave enough to put both itself and those nearby humans in a terrifying situation. You can't really fault the bear on this one; we have fridges and coolers full of food, we sometimes enjoy meals outdoors, and these days we'll even have boxes of perishables mailed to our houses on a daily basis. We flaunt our food privileges, and then have the audacity to be shocked when a bear wanders in to redistribute the wealth among the rest of the animal kingdom.

In Pennsylvania, news station WNEP shared a video of a bear who took to a family's porch, in order to steal a waiting box of dog food from Chewy. While nobody was home, it's worth remembering that shipped food orders are prone to all manner of predators, from thieves to small bears. (Chewy will reportedly replace the lost cargo.)

Meanwhile, in California, a family vacationing north of Sacramento had an even more harrowing encounter when a bear went and entered their house, scrounging around for food while terrorizing a pair of teens, who had to lock themselves away from the intruder:

The Los Angeles Times reports that the bear managed to enjoy some taco meat, crackers, and two pints of ice cream before a sheriff's deputy eventually arrived to clear it out.

As always, if you're living anywhere near the wilderness, take all of those unnecessary and annoying precautions that the experts recommend. Stories like the above are why those exist.