This Time, It's A True Last Call

It's fortuitous timing that Thanksgiving is tomorrow, as that holiday's focus on gratitude offers me the perfect framework with which to deliver some bittersweet news: This has been my final week at The Takeout. Two years ago, Kevin Pang offered me a job at a food website that, at the time, didn't exist yet. The vision he laid out for it was enough to convince me to take the leap: This food site would be smart, down-to-earth, and practical, a place to celebrate White Castle and white truffles equally. (Just kidding, we like White Castle better.)

In these two years, I've had much to be grateful for: talented coworkers, an ace roster of writers, and the best art team an editor could ask for. But most of all, I owe thanks to The Takeout's readers. This is the first place I've worked that felt like my writing was read by actual humans, not just shouted into a void and clicked by who knows who. You've shared personal stories in the comments, sent encouraging emails, politely (mostly) corrected me when I'm wrong, and made working here genuinely fun. You encouraged me to write a recurring feature called This Month In Overturned Trucks, for Pete's sake. I'd say that I'll miss you, but you're not rid of me so easily. I'll see you in the comments, where I can't wait to continue in my role as The Takeout's biggest fan.

I wouldn't feel comfortable departing if I didn't have the utmost faith in The Takeout's leadership. Marnie, Aimee, and Allison get it. They get what our little digital community is about, and they're only going to take the site to bigger and better places. I can't wait to keep reading.