This Month In Overturned Trucks: Carrots, Nutella, Orange Juice

This Month In Overturned Trucks is The Takeout's monthly roundup of overturned trucks spilling shit over public roadways.

Assorted chocolate, cereal, and nuts: A driver suspected of being under the influence of narcotics is being blamed for a September 18 accident that spilled chocolate, cereal bars, and nuts across the A5104 near the U.K. town of Flintshire, Wales. NorthWalesLive reports the driver was arrested and the road closed for 11 hours following the spill. Excavators were called in to clear debris from the roadway.

Carrots: Authorities say a truck transporting carrots overturned on Highway 119 in Bakersfield, California, spilling its contents. ABC News23 reports the September 5 accident caused countless carrots to scatter across the roadway, partially blocking traffic in the afternoon.

Cattle: An unspecified number of cattle and bulls were released from the truck transporting them when said truck overturned on Interstate 15 near the Interstate 90 junction outside Butte, Montana. Some animals wandered to a nearby grassy hill following the September 18 accident, but The Montana Standard reports they were later corralled; one animal had to be euthanized.

Chickens: Animal control officials chased hundreds of loosed chickens across Interstate 80 and surrounding areas of San Pablo, California, following a truck accident the morning of September 5. The fowl occurrence happened at San Pablo Dam Road and required officials to close all westbound lanes for hours during the morning rush. "If you saw Rocky, you know hard it is to catch a chicken," Contra Costa County Animal Control spokesman Steve Burdo told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Nutella: A truck overturned on Interstate 94 at the Indiana-Michigan border while hauling 44,000 pounds of Nutella brand hazelnut-chocolate spread, the Detroit Free Press reports. On September 19, the truck slid to a stop against the concrete median, blocking all three lanes of westbound traffic for more than 2 hours.

Orange juice: One man's overturned truck is another man's disaster-relief aid, as an overturned truck hauling 45,000 pounds of orange juice had its contents donated to those impacted by Hurricane Dorian earlier this month. WAVY 10 reports the September 6 accident rendered the orange juice unsellable, so the juice will instead be donated.