This Month In Overturned Trucks: Avocados, Beer, Liquid Sugar, Tea, And More

This Month In Overturned Trucks is The Takeout's monthly roundup of overturned trucks spilling shit over public roadways.

Avocados: Eastbound Interstate 10 outside Seguin, Texas was closed for several hours October 29 when two trucks collided, and one spilled its contents—40,000 pounds of avocados—across the roadway. Footage from news station KCRA shows the fruits strewn across the road; a tweet about the accident from local law enforcement used the hashtag #whynotdonuts.

"Cases of brew banned by the faith": For those who missed our special Overturned Truck news bulletin, a recap: A semi-trailer transporting beer near Salt Lake City, Utah was hit by a vehicle October 10, spilling its contents across the parking lot of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Cows: Only two cattle out of a load of 79 had to be euthanized following an Oct. 13 accident in Putnam County, West Virginia. News station WOWK reports the truck carrying the animals overturned, closing Route 35 at Putnam Bridge. Surviving bovines were transferred to another trailer.

Other cattle: Cattle described as "panicked" roamed Interstate 72 near Argenta, Illinois on October 27 after a truck transporting them overturned. Per the Herald & Review, the cleanup took nearly five hours, during which time multiple lanes were closed to traffic. Livestock experts had to be called in to assist with the corralling of more than 100 animals, some of which did die in the accident. "I don't know where they were going but, if I had to guess, I would have to say they were probably headed for slaughter somewhere," Illinois state trooper Joseph Rush told the paper.

Liquid sugar: It was surely a sticky situation in Grand Haven, Michigan on October 28 when a semi-truck carrying liquid sugar overturned, spilling its contents and forcing road closures. A hazmat team was reportedly called in to assist in the investigation of the crash, which news station WOOD-TV states was caused by a collision between the truck and a passenger vehicle.

Milk: First responders got a glimpse of what 5,300 gallons of milk look like when they attended the scene of an overturned truck on New Haven Road in Crosby, Ohio on October 26. Per news station WCPO, the road was subsequently closed for a few hours as crews cleared the spill. It's unknown whether anyone cried over the lost cargo.

Pigs: Ninety-two swine were imperiled October 11 when a truck transporting them overturned on Interstate 64 East in Louisville, blocking one lane during the evening hours. The Courier Journal reports it's unclear whether any animals needed to be euthanized as a result.

Talcum powder: Interstate 90 outside St. Regis, Montana was closed for multiple days after an October 15 truck accident spilled 56,000 pounds of talcum powder across the roadway. The Missoulian reports only one westbound lane remained open to traffic as crews worked to clear the substance; environmental crews were also monitoring the water quality in the nearby St. Regis River for any runoff from the spill.

Tazo tea beverages: Northwest Old Cornelius Pass Road in Washington County, Oregon was closed for hours the evening of October 11 when a truck transporting Tazo brand tea beverages overturned and spilled its contents. A county sheriff's deputy told Oregon Live that the road is not open to trucks, but that the driver likely used it as a shortcut and could be cited for failure to obey a traffic control device.