This Month In Overturned Trucks: Chickens, Yogurt, Potatoes, Millions Of Bees

This Month In Overturned Trucks is The Takeout's monthly roundup of overturned trucks spilling shit over public roadways.

June 2018

Bees: A truck carrying an estimated 15-30 million bees overturned on May 28* near Paris, Texas, CBS-19 reports. A witness said that as she approached the scene, she could see and hear a large number of bees flying around her vehicle: "It wasn't enough to block out the sun, but we could tell it wasn't normal. That's when we saw the semi on its side and the beekeepers." Authorities called in area beekeepers to help corral the bees and redirect them to new sites; several first responders were reportedly stung in the process.


*Author's note: This accident occurred in May, but it was reported just a few hours too late to make it into May's Overturned Trucks edition. Also, I just really wanted to write about millions of bees.

Chickens: Poultry roamed across SR 502 near Battle Ground, Washington, on June 25 after the truck transporting 5,000 of them overturned. According to Oregon Live, the crash closed at least one lane, though it was "not yet clear how many chickens were running loose in the street."

Computer printers: Boxes of computer printers spilled from a tipped-over truck on June 24 in Belvedere, Delaware, forcing the closure of Route 141's southbound lanes. ABC-6 reports the state Department Of Natural Resources also responded to the scene to investigated the truck's ruptured gas tank.


Cows: Four escaped cows in Ohio led Jackson Township police on an hours-long chase after they were freed when the trailer transporting them crashed. The bovines headed to a nearby cemetery, where authorities failed in their attempts to wrangle the animals. WFMJ reports cops then herded the cows to Jackson Milton High School football field, but were still unsuccessful in loading them onto a new vehicle. Police considered shooting the animals, but the cows were "spooked off." There is no word at this time as to the cows' whereabouts.

Meat: A Kroger supply truck hauling meat and produce overturned around 4 a.m. June 26 near Goochland, Virginia. NBC-12 reports the accident shut down eastbound lanes of I-64 as crews cleaned up the spill. Authorities charged the driver with with reckless driving and failure to maintain control.

Potatoes: Authorities closed six miles of Kansas highway I-70 on June 12 following a potato accident. A semi-truck spilled the spuds as well as some of its fuel; the North Central Kansas Department Of Transportation tweeted that cleanup would be "extensive."

Yogurt: Canada's busiest highway, Highway 401 near Toronto, was closed for hours following a truck spill involving YOGO-brand flavored yogurt. Morning commutes were delayed significantly on June 25 as the spilled contents were removed from the roadway. Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the Ontario Provincial Police told the crash caused "a big, slippery mess."