This Month In Overturned Trucks: Beer, Cows, Molasses

This Month In Overturned Trucks is The Takeout's monthly roundup of overturned trucks spilling shit over public roadways.

January 2018

Beer: Cases of bottled beer shattered and spilled along Interstate-280 in Harrison, New Jersey, when a truck carrying said bottles flipped and crashed, NBC New York reports. Officials subsequently closed all lanes and diverted traffic for hours while cleanup took place.


Chickens: A truck assumed bound for the Steggles Chicken plant in North Geelong, Australia, overturned and forced traffic diversions. Regrettably, 3AW Melbourne radio reports dozens of crates of chickens likely perished in the accident.

Cows: Responders used barricades to corral 80 cows that were set loose when a truck carrying the cattle overturned on Interstate-64 in Warrick County, Indiana, 14 News reports. Emergency crews called the scene—where loose bovines and the truck blocked traffic—"a big mess."

Eggs: A truck transporting 3,000 eggs north on Hume Highway in New South Wales, Australia, improbably collided with a southbound truck carrying 10,500 gallons of milk, 9 News Australia reports. Photos from the scene show broken egg yolks and diesel running into the road's gutters. Traffic was impeded for several hours.


Molasses: A section of Interstate-10 in New Orleans saw three lanes closed overnight when a truck carrying molasses overturned near the junction with Interstate 510, spilling its contents. Other vehicles were able to pass by the wreckage via the shoulder, WLLTV reports.

Trash: Refuse was seen strewn along the guardrail of Interstate-81 North near Binghamton, New York, following a garbage truck spill. Press Connects reports state police responded to the morning accident and closed one lane of traffic.