This Margarita-Sippin' Hot-Tub Chillin' Bear Is Ready To Celebrate 'MURICA!

It's July 3, a day when those of us still stuck at the office are ready to dropkick this workday right out of the window. We're anxious to get to a national holiday, possibly an outside gathering, full of drinks and good times. In that way, we are all like the bear that Altadena, California resident Mark Hough recently found in his backyard, enjoying the hot tub and sipping on the margarita Hough left outside, according to the Los Angeles Times.

We've mentioned before that bears are getting more brazen in residential neighborhoods; it's mating season right now, and they're also traveling to where more food sources are. But who among us, bear or man, could resist such a sweet setup on a lovely afternoon? Could I? Could you? Props to this carpe diem-living bear, and may all of you also live life to the fullest on your (hopeful) day off tomorrow.