This Key Lime Pie Story Includes A Ghost And Some Guy Named "Bill Money"

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a series in which Kate Williams digs into "the deep heritage of Southern cooking through the lens of passed-down family recipes." It's a cool idea, and would be cool even without ghosts, but her latest includes this doozy of a lede:


My favorite fact about Key lime pie is that the man who claims to know the original version of the recipe also claims it was revealed to him by an actual ghost. It may have been the ghost of the first baker of the pie, or else it was a ghost who lived somewhere else in a palatial mansion funded at least in part by the sale of one key Key lime pie ingredient. Or else it was just a gust of wind.

What? What are you even still doing here? There's a story about a ghostly Key lime pie recipe, and you haven't already clicked? Perhaps you need more incentive. The ghost in question, should she exist, is said to be the spectral presence of Aunt Sally, cook to William "Bill Money" Curry, a well-to-do "hardware magnate" who also first brought condensed milk into the delicate ecosystem of the Florida Keys.


Still here? Okay, so the ghost-recipe was found by David Sloan, who considers himself to be the world's leading authority on American Key lime pie. AJ-C's story links to an Epicurious story, in which Sloan, who also created a ghost tour in the Keys, describes his paranormal Key lime experience. It occurred as he toured the condensed-milk baron's mansion:

"I heard movement on the floor above," he said, "but what stopped me cold was the recipe I saw in the pantry, the recipe for 'Aunt Sally's Key Lime Pie'... as soon as I saw that paper, my heart started racing and I started to shake. I knew, I just knew. it was like finding the Golden Fleece, the Holy Grail."

A bonus: Lots of good info on Key lime pie in there, plus some recipes.