This Alpaca Named Meatball Loves Eating Spicy Snacks

It's Friday, and we here at The Takeout want to send you sailing into the weekend with images of sweet, food-stealing animals. Let us present Meatball, an alpaca from Chongqing in southern China who was caught on camera savoring a bit of chili powder. Meatball's owner posted the video on March 24, sending the alpaca skyrocketing to instant spicy fame.

The South China Morning Post reports that Meatball, who is 10 months old, was raised as a pet in a barbecue shop in Chongqing's Jiangbei district. "Two weeks ago, Meatball was caught eating the chili powder we use in our barbecues," the owner, Yu Shali, said, adding that Meatball also had a taste for onions and garlic. The video of Meatball snacking on spicy powder is currently making the rounds, largely because of Meatball's little orange chili beard against his snowy white fur. Watch the video! Look at his chili beard!

Meatball has also drawn customers to the barbecue shop as its unofficial mascot. "I chose the alpaca because my son loves the animal," Yu said. "I never expected that it would become so popular among our customers or that the video would go viral." Some Morning Post commenters have pointed out that Meatball is a true Chongqing native, as Chongqing cuisine is known for its spice. He does, however, eat a balanced diet including carrots, lotus roots, and sunflower seeds in addition to his occasional spicy snacks. Happy Friday, Meatball. Happy Friday.