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These Two Snacks Won't Be On United Flights Anymore

Three new snacks means no more Biscoff cookies and pretzels on United Airlines flights.

Three new complimentary snacks are coming on board all United Airlines flights starting in March. Initially, it was understood that the new snacks would join the existing lineup of Biscoff cookies, stroopwafel, and miniature pretzels already offered during in-flight snack service. However, United has confirmed to The Takeout that two of the existing items are getting the boot to clear the way for the new items. Biscoff cookies and pretzels, we hardly knew ye.


To recap, here are the new items:

  • Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt Chocolate Crisps by Undercover Snacks: Crispy puffed quinoa covered in chocolate. Sounds a lot like an allergy-friendly version of a Little Debbie Star Crunch. Find these on board starting March 1.
  • Apple and Mango Fruit Bars by That's it: Yes, this brand is called "That's it." (With a period, actually.) But it's an apt name, since the bar contains only apples and mangoes. It'll arrive on United flights in April.
  • Savory Snack Mix by Summer Harvest: This "medley of rye bagel chips, garlic bread bites, and pretzel twists" will debut on board April 1.
  • To make room for this wealth of new complimentary options on the snack cart, reps for United confirmed to The Takeout that both Biscoff cookies and mini pretzels will be phased out of the lineup entirely by the end of April. Thankfully, stroopwafels are sticking around. I repeat, the stroopwafels aren't going anywhere.

    This menu shakeup doesn't feel like all that much of a loss to me; who wants to kick back with a bag of nine Lilliputian pretzel twists to pair with an AHA sparkling water if the above options are available? And while Biscoff is a great pick when the flight's stroopwafel coffers are depleted, the new chocolate quinoa crisps sound way better and less crumbly. It's worth pointing out, also, that both Biscoff cookies and miniature pretzels are still offered on American Airlines flights. So if your flight isn't complete without that little taste of Belgium or a bag of the most drab carbohydrates imaginable, you can always choose your airline accordingly.