Last Call: Now It's Time To Turn Cocktails Into Action Figures

This weekend, an exciting new drink came to our attention thanks to Entertainment Weekly, which in turn gave all the credit to Jennifer Aniston and her Instagram feed: a Baby Yoda cocktail! Could it be even better than pancakes or cereal?

The cocktail was devised by Michael Young, owner of The Vault, an artisan pizza restaurant in Banbridge, Northern Ireland. It's made with Grey Goose vodka, muddled kiwi, fresh lime, demerara syrup, bitters, two dark berries on a toothpick, and a square of canvas. As The Vault's Facebook account notes, the cocktail is not new, but it was revived last week to coincide with the release of the second season of The Mandalorian. It had already started to receive a fair amount of social media attention, Young told BelfastLive, but then Aniston posted it on her Instagram stories and it went viral.

The Baby Yoda cocktail was not the first fanciful pop culture-inspired cocktail The Vault has dreamed up. In the past, there have been a Dark & Stormy topped with a pirate ship made out of limes, a Tiger King punch served in a mug that looks (naturally) like a tiger, and, most recently, an atmospheric Blue Planet inspired by David Attenborough's show A Life On Our Planet.

That got us thinking. We're facing a lot of time inside over the next few months and we're going to need something to entertain and cheer ourselves up. What kind of fun things can we use to dress up our cocktails to turn them into action figures?