There Has Been A Political Uprising In The NYT Cooking Community Facebook Group

In this year of political unrest and uprising, it's not surprising that the earthquakes have spread to some of the most unlikely places. Namely, the NYT Cooking Community Facebook group.

Writer Chaya Milchtein has the scoop on Twitter.

"A member posted about making sure to vote, and the moderators removed his post since the group is supposed to be a haven from politics, focused only on food," Milchtein tweeted. "The members, numbering over 62k, weren't having it and made it clear that food is undoubtedly political. They began to fashion food to spell VOTE, using captions only directly related to food."

Now, it is true that the ninth of the group's ten commandments/bylaws reads, "There are many places to express your political views; this is not one of them." And the NYT Cooking moderators claimed that the post that was removed had specifically endorsed a candidate. Milchtein responded that her point still stands: the president we elect next week will determine our access to food, and there are times when you can't divorce food from politics.

The NYT Cooking Community uprising showed that there are ways of being political without being partisan. Some issues, like voting and also food, affect us all. And it turned out that this was something that everyone in the NYT Cooking Community Facebook group, including the moderators, could agree on. In the process, they also created some beautiful food art.