Theaters Introduce Brilliant Stoner Mash Up: Cheetos + Popcorn

When it comes to passing our newsworthiness sniff test, we here at The Takeout would like to think we have the olfactory sense of a bloodhound. Dozens of press releases arrive in our inboxes each morning, chocked with superlatives and all touting to be Sliced Bread 2.0. Most are deleted without a second glance.


Once in a long while, a rare bird descends into our field of vision—a new product that causes heads to cock sideways. Today is one such day, with Frito-Lay breaking through our logjam of e-mail pitches with what sounds like an intriguing idea.

Movie theater popcorn, covered with Cheetos dust, supplemented with actual Cheetos.

According to the release, it'll be sold in 32 oz. cups at Regal Cinemas beginning this Friday, Dec. 15. That is all. We just wanted to acknowledge that duh, this sounds like a fine idea.