The Week's Best Grocery Coverage On The Takeout February 10, 2024

Our biggest grocery-related stories of the past week.

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What the Hell Happened to Huy Fong Sriracha?

Like many millennials, I have to rank sriracha as my favorite condiment. Hot sauce is already versatile, but unlike most hot sauces, sriracha adds some enticing garlicky flavor instead of just pure heat, and its thicker consistency makes it ideal for dipping. While there are numerous brands available, the undisputed king is Huy Fong. The rooster bottle is to sriracha what Heinz is to ketchup. So why has it been so elusive in recent years? – Luke Gralia Read More


ALDI’s New Checkout System Rivals Amazon

ALDI has a large fan base because of its low prices and often unique rotation of items on its shelves. What the grocery chain is not often praised for is its high-tech shopping experience, but that could change soon. Grocery Dive reports that ALDI has been testing a fully automated checkout system at one of its U.S. stores. – Angela L. Pagán Read More


The Most Popular Valentine’s Candies by State in 2024

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are projected to spend more on Valentine's Day candy in 2024 than Valentine's cards, bouquets, dinner, or jewelry. And that makes perfect sense, since single people can enjoy seasonal chocolates and conversation hearts just as much as coupled-up folks. Which treats are we buying the most this year? has just released its annual map of America's favorite Valentine's Day candies by state, and it seems as though old (spending) habits die hard. – Marnie Shure Read More


How the French Do Potato Chips

French cuisine still rules the world. Its influence on just about every aspect of modern dining is indelible, but one thing French culture could stand to improve upon is its potato chips. – Danny Palumbo Read More