The Takeout's Suggestions For A Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. The Takeout staff will be spending time with friends and family these next few days, and so we'll be on a lighter-than-usual publishing schedule. A few things we hope you'll keep in mind:

  • The thick, crispy turkey skin near where the thigh meets the tail is the best part.
  • Fight for the bones and carcass. Turkey stock rules.
  • Make homemade gravy, not the powdered stuff.
  • Avoid discussions about politics. Rather, debate less contentious issues, such as whether a hot dog is a sandwich.
  • If you're going out to a restaurant today, tip big.
  • If you're taking a Lyft or Uber, tip big.
  • If you're heading out to a bar after dinner, tip big.
  • Be grateful. Things could be a lot worse.
  • As always, we appreciate you reading. Stay safe, eat heartily, be good to one another, and we'll see you all on Monday for the start of The Takeout's American Sandwiches Week.