The Takeout's Top Food News Of The Week December 29, 2023

All the biggest food news stories in one weekly roundup.

In which we report on new snacks, useful products, culinary celebrities, and of course, TikTok recipes.

The 11 Foods That Defined 2023

It's been a tumultuous year, hasn't it? Similarly, this year's food trends seem to reflect a certain... strangeness. Between heavily caffeinated beverages, spicy snacks, and the purple shake heard 'round the world, consumers' tastes were all over the place. But make no mistake: We had fun. This year's defining foods were all about levity, injecting a much-needed sense of kookiness into an otherwise bleak landscape. Let's review the 10 foods that defined this very, very long year. – Dennis Lee Read More


The 5 Worst Grocery Items of 2023

Truly this was such a great year for snacking. From spicy, cheesy Cheetos Pretzels to pretty much everything we ate at the annual Sweets & Snacks Expo, 2023 offered up one inspired edible after another, and there were very few misses between all those hits; indeed, we're thankful that this year's best grocery products outnumber the worst releases two to one. And yet, the flops must be called out all the same. – The Takeout Read More


The 7 Worst TikTok Food Trends of 2023

TikTok is full of cursed content, but TikTok food trends represent the very worst of the worst. Lucky for you, we've waded through the trenches of snack hacking, illicit ice cream licking, and troubling soup habits to find the eight absolute worst TikTok food trends of 2023. You're welcome? – Lillian Stone Read More


Why Is National Candy Cane Day on December 26?

The holiday season is essentially sweets season. Everything from cookies to chocolates are boxed up as stocking stuffers, given away on Christmas—that's why it seems strange that the candy cane, the most quintessential holiday candy of them all, has its own national celebration the day after Christmas. – Angela L. Pagán Read More