The Takeout's Best Stories Of 2019

In all that The Takeout is and does, we hope that the message is resoundingly clear: Food is delicious. And in our efforts to celebrate everything from chicken sandwiches (sorry) to ham cookies (less sorry) to the Worst Thanksgiving Ever (not sorry at all), we are left with a byproduct of endless joy and delight that lingers long after hitting "Publish." It's hard, sometimes, to find an outlet for all that joy, and to celebrate each article as much as we'd like to—because in digital media, it's not considered good form to post an update to every story that says, "Wasn't this a great read? Just such a treat!"

But now it's the end of the year, the end of the decade, and we can throw caution to the winds like two romcom characters under a sprig of mistletoe. This is where we, the staff of The Takeout—including some returning audience favorites!—each take a moment to celebrate some of the writing we enjoyed most in 2019.

Kate Bernot, former managing editor

Aimee Levitt, associate editor

Kevin Pang, founder and former editor in chief

Allison Robicelli, staff writer