The Takeout Collaborated On A Cookie Bouquet And You Should Order It Immediately

The purest form of entertainment is when one food is disguised as a different food. It's why we're so tickled by sandwiches whose bread is ramen noodles and the entire concept of pancake cereal. And it's the reason that The Takeout has partnered once again with Cookies By Design to release a custom cookie bouquet perfect for summertime: King of the Grill, featuring cookies dressed up as burgers, hot dogs, watermelon, corn on the cob, a chef's apron, and even the grill itself. Tell us that's not the most delightful thing you've seen today.

There are lots of ways to enjoy a grilling-themed batch of cookies. One is to send it as a surprise gift to your dad this Father's Day. Alternatively, you can order it to be delivered to your own home, then bring it to a friend's backyard barbecue as a show-stopping host gift and bask in the accolades you shall receive. Or just order it to your home and stop right thereā€”no need to surrender the cookies when you could work your way through the bouquet yourself. We're full of good ideas here.

Beyond the basic bouquet (which comes in three sizes), you can also order the BouTray full of grill-shaped sugar cookies and other undressed cookies in a variety of flavors. Or the basket, which caters more to fans of classic cookies like chocolate chip (but still has a little personalization with one or two decorated cookies on top). Whichever adventure you choose for yourself and/or your loved ones, you're going to end up with far more delicious cookies than when you started.

We are delighted to have helped Cookies By Design bring these adorable grill-shaped cookies into the world. When you order a bouquet, you're helping The Takeout. Thanks in advance for supporting us through the best possible medium: novelty desserts.