$3,700 Lining The Walls Of Georgia Bar Donated To Employees

Does a faded, autographed dollar bill with 25 staples in it count as legal tender? It'd better, after all the work that restaurant owner Jennifer Knox put into prying thousands of them off the walls of her business. CNN reports that The Sand Bar, a popular tourist destination in Tybee Island, Georgia, has been feeling the economic impacts of COVID-19 restrictions just as much as any other business, but it has one unique quality to it: for years, customers have been writing on dollar bills and stapling them to the walls, all the way up to and across the ceiling. While trying to figure out the best way to assist her staff in the current pandemic, Knox realized nothing was stopping her from distributing that money among The Sand Bar's employees.

With a little help from her friends, Knox unstapled every last bill over the course of three and a half days. The money, after accounting for the exchange rate of certain foreign bills, amounted to $3,714. Who knew that 15 years' worth of customers' tipsy impulses could make such an impact?

In addition to this amount, when community members heard about Knox's effort to give back to The Sand Bar's employees, many made their own donations, bringing the total up to $4,104. According to CNN, four bartenders and two musicians were given $600 each. Not only is this a great story of communities working together to help those in need, but it's going to put some rather colorful bills into circulation, too.